The One With The Friends Episodes To Watch

I’m patiently waiting for the day that ‘Friends’ announces, “we were on a BREAK!”. Whether you’ve binged every season 3000x or have watched random episodes during a Netflix scroll, it’s safe to say ‘Friends’ is a show everyone needs in their lives. It’s a timeless “kick you in the crock, spit on your neck’ work of art.

It is pretty much always on in my house. Not going to lie, I’m pretty sure at this point I can recite every line by memory. #NotAshamed. This post is ‘The One With The Friends Episodes To Watch’ based on your mood or situation.

“The gangs all here” to get you through anything and everything!


The One With The Friends Episodes To Watch

😂 When you just want to laugh: ‘The One with Unagi’ Season 6, Episode 17

😘 When you’re feeling all the feels: ‘The One with the Prom Video’  Season 2, Episode 14

😳 When your spray tan went all wrong: ‘The One with Ross’s Tan’ Season 10, Episode 3

😡 When you’re a bit angry: ‘The One with Ross’s Sandwich’ Season 5 Episode 9

😭 When you just need a good cry: ‘The One the Morning After’ Season 3 Episode 16

😁 While you’re waiting for your Whitestrips to finish: “The One with Ross’s Teeth’ Season 6, Episode 8

🍻 After a night out: ‘The One After Vegas’ Season 6, Episode 1

☺️ When you just want to smile: ‘The One Where Everyone Finds Out’ Season 5, Episode 14

🤩 When you need a pep talk: ‘The One Where Ross is Fine’ Season 10 Episode 2

💪🏽 Before you move to a new house: ‘The One with the Cop’ PIVOTTTTTTT Season 5 Episode 16

😴 Before a nap: ‘The One with the Nap Partners” Season 7 Episode 6

🤓 When you’re feeling like Einstein: ‘The One Where Joey Speaks French’ Season 10 Episode 13 

🙃 When you’re feeling like a cozy night in: ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ Season 3 Episode 2

🎅🏻 When you’re feeling festive: ‘The One with the Holiday Armadillo’ Season 7, Episode 10

😜 When you can’t sleep: ‘The One Where They’re Up All Night’ Season 7, Episode 12

😬 When you’re avoiding a date: ‘The One with the Blind Dates” Season 9, Episode 14

🦃 Thanksgiving Day: “The One with the Rumor’ Season 8, Episode 9 

🛩 When you’re packing for a trip: ‘The One with Ross’s Wedding’ Season 4, Episode 23

💻 When you want to binge a season: Season 5

😘 When you’re crushing on a coworker: ‘The One with Rachel’s Assistant’ Season 7, Episode 4

📖 When it’s time to close a major life chapter: ‘The Last One: Part 2’ Season 10, Episode 18

👠 When “that” person finally asks you on a date: ‘The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know’ Season 2, Episode 15

👰🏻 When it feels like everyone is getting married: ‘The One with Barry & Mindy’s Wedding’ Season 2, Episode 24

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Just when you start to think your family can’t get any weirder: ‘The One with the Embryos’ Season 4, Episode 12

💑 When your crush starts dating someone but you know it won’t last: ‘The One with Ross’ New Girlfriend’ Season 2, Episode 1

🛀🏻  You know you should clean, but you just don’t want to: ‘The One with the Dirty Girl’ Season 4, Episode 6

💁🏻‍♀️ When you’re trying to impress your crush: ‘The One with All the Rugby’ Season 4, Episode 15

👯‍♀️ When you’re fighting with your best friend: ‘The One with Chandler in a Box’ Season 4, Episode 8

🧜🏼‍♀️ When you just can’t “adult”: ‘The One with the East German Laundry Detergent’ Season 1, Episode 5

 👗 Before you introduce your family to your S.O.: ‘The One Where Ross Got High’ Season 6, Episode 9