Signature Feminine Fragrances For Spring

Fragrances are keys to our memories, and what better memories than those of spring and summer? Last week I did a post about how to choose a fragrance – A Lovely Guide To Fragrance. With spring around the corner, I wanted to share my signature fresh fragrances for spring. During warmer months, I gravitate towards fragrances that carry floral and citrusy notes. There’s nothing like a soft, romantic, and a little flirty feminine scent. Byredo’ Bal d’Afrique’ is the newest addition to my collection, and I’m obsessed. These are my other favorite fragrances for the warmer months <3

Byredo’ Bal d’Afrique’// I adore Bal d’Afrique. Several of you reached out to me after reading my Fragrance Guide and shared your love affair with Bal d’Afrique too. This fragrance was inspired by Paris in the 1920s and is truly the essence of lighthearted sexiness. It smells so feminine, romantic, and has just the right amount of musk. It’s probably my favorite fragrance I’ve ever owned. Well worth the splurge. If you want a fragrance that is very soft and romantic, this one is lovely


YSL Libre Eau De Parfum // The edgy elegance of this bottle of parfum is what initially captivated me and the smell certainly did not disappoint. You’ll get compliments every time you wear Libre because of how the uniqueness of the warm florals. With notes of lavender, orange blossom, and musk, I instantly feel elevated when wearing Libre. This scent is perfect for the woman who embodies elegance and style, yet underneath has a bit of a daring edge to her personality.


Maison Margiela ‘Beach Walk’// Fragrances can instantly transport you to a specific time and place. I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Masion Margiela’s fragrances. They are so light, soft, and refreshing! I instantly fell in love with beach walk after it brought back my most treasured beach memories. If you’re someone who is looking for a natural and fresh spring and summer signature fragrance, this is great. If you love that beachy salty air smell, you’ll be in heaven because it definitely smells like the beach.  Lazy Sunday is another scent that I love.


Byredo’ Flowerhead’// You’ve probably picked up on my slight obsession with Byredo fragrances. Flowerhead is the definition of the perfect spring and summer floral fragrance and is a signature fragrance for brides. Inspired by the Indian wedding tradition of stringing flower heads together to be exchanged between the bride and groom, Flowerhead captures the beautiful note of exotic jasmine without being overwhelming. Jasmine can sometimes be overwhelming, but Flowerhead has found the ideal combination. Other notes include angelica seeds, lemon, lingonberry, tuberose, rose petals, amber, and suede.


Jo Malone’ Peony & Blush Suede’// I received this as a sample and instantly fell in love. This fragrance is the essence of luxury and charm, and soooo romantic. Red apple, peony, and suede make-up the notes of this signature scent. It’s flirty, sensual, fresh, and lovely. Perfect for a spring or summer date night, I promise they’ll be thinking about you all night <3  


Tiffany & Co.’ Tiffany Eau de Parfum’// I bought this for my mom for mother’s day several years ago. I actually bought this fragrance blindly and never actually smelled it prior to buying it! I fell in love with the bottle online and loved the idea of engraving my mom’s initials on it. It quickly became a spring staple in both my collection and my mom’s. We’ve both always had this fragrance on hand for three years. Tiffany and Co’s signature fragrance captures all things luxury, glamour, and romance. With notes of mandarine, blue iris, and musks cocktail, it’s a very captivating and sophisticated scent. Just as with all things Tiffany & Co., it’s timeless.


Chanel’ Coco Mademoiselle’// This is the fragrance I’ve had the longest romance with; it’s a classic. Coco Mademoiselle was meant for the modern Chanel loving gal. This is another perfect date night perfume. The notes of orange, patchouli, Turkish rose, jasmine, and rose give this fragrance a very young, sexy, and sophisticated presence. This is a fragrance that will get you noticed with a small spritz.