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I'm not one for keeping success secrets, so I'm spilling the tea when it comes to the best products and services to use for growing a profitable business and personal brand. I've done the research, tested dozens of services, gone through the trial and error, made the mistakes, spent the money, and perfected the best methods so that YOU don't have to - your only tasks are to show-up authentically, live as the best version of yourself, and THRIVE. Bookmark this page because I promise it will save you hours of research. I've got your back ;)



The holy grail platform to build and scale a profitable online business. This is what I use to build, host, sell, and promote my online services. Are you up for a challenge? I'm challenging you to sell $1,000 in 28 during your trial -it's been done :)

Email marketing is more effective than social media when it comes to building loyalty and driving conversion. If you're not using email marketing, start now! ConvertKit makes creating and managing campaigns super easy!

In the digital world, Pinterest is essential for the growing of any business or personal brand. Tailwind is your golden ticket for social media. This is what I use for planning, scheduling, and optimizing all of my social media content. Try it for free!

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Whether you're selling physical products or digital products, nothing compares to Shopify when it comes to selling online. Shopify takes care of everything you need to set-up and scale your digital storefront. You manage your business, Shopify manages the tech.

Any coders out there? Me either. No worries! Creating a stunning website doesn't require a Ph.D. in coding. Flothemes makes lovely websites that are super easy to build. You 'll have a professional digital presence and your website won't look like everyone else's ;)

You and I both know how important your digital presence is - you MUST show up online. Siteground is the best host for your digital home. This is the only hosting platform I recommend to my clients because of how easy it is to use and how amazing their customer service is.

The ultimate design tool for both designers and non-designers. Canva is ideal for creating stunning graphics for your brand. Create online courses, logos, PDFs, Ebooks, and even videos! Think of Canva as your design version of Photoshop without the learning curve.

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Tell me you're a serial "Primer" as well! Amazon may be my most visited webpage. It is one of my favorite places to discover new products and get what I need in record time. I've curated a list of my favorite Amazon finds. Happy Amazon-ing!

Allow me to introduce you to those products on amazon that have now become staples in my life

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