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Personal Brand Consultant + therapist + entrepreneur + Podcaster + Curator of all things lovely

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I'm so thankful you have found yourself here in this digital space! I wish it were an actual place, where we could sit down together and enjoy a lavender macaron and cappuccino sprinkled with cinnamon. For now, we can dream! Before I tell you more about me, let's talk about you. You didn’t just stumble upon this site randomly. Maybe you're part of the 'The Art Of Lovely Living' community, maybe we're social media friends, or IRL friends; however you navigated your way to this corner of the internet, I'm so glad you made it here. You're here because know you’re capable of greatness, you know your personal brand is priceless, you have an overwhelming desire to maximize your one-of-a-kind talents in your career and personal life, your mind is running at 304mph with the next big idea, you’re fueled by creativity, your soul thrives on continually learning something new, your magazine collection is a combination of Forbes, Architectural Digest, and Elle - but most importantly, you yearn to share your gifts with others and are READY to take action to transform your aspirations into reality. How did I do? Does this sound like you? If so, I know we’re going to be great friends. Alright, now go pour yourself a cup of coffee and let's get to know each other.

About Natasha Lucia


of french macarons


About Natasha Lucia



I’d call it natural sophistication and timeless femininity,

with a notes of adventure and modern je ne sais quoi

of world adventures


of all things lovely

Some stuff you need to know about me

I'm obsessed with:

I have masters degrees in

macarons + cappuccinos

social work + business

i'm most inspired by:

Nothing makes me happier than

stories + textures

an early morning hike

i look forward to

someday i hope to

the first signs of spring

start a perfume line

my dog

My perfect hobby






I was almost a fashion designer

I found purpose as a therapist

About Natasha Lucia

the early years

Natasha lucia, msw, MBA

I've always been a creative soul seeking inspiration from my surroundings. Adventures, as an expat child, sparked my fascination with the world, cultures, people, design, and all things lovely. Growing up, art was my way of intimately connecting with the world around me. Fashion provided me an outlet to tell stories. Textiles nurtured my creativity, and people fueled it. I found joy in studying the art of fashion and became obsessed with understanding the influence clothing had on people and vice-versa. I spent years filling countless sketchbooks, subjecting my family to be fit models, and transforming my unique experiences into wearable art that I dreamed one-day would delight others just as they did me.

Halfway through college, my path shifted from designing clothes on sketchbooks to designing transformative lifestyles with individuals. After taking a psychology course, I decided to transition from studying fine arts to studying social work and interpersonal communication. I spent years refining a mastery in combining my love of design and people to create a beautiful marriage of passion and skill. Design was very much an intimate part of my every day as a clinical therapist. I found unparalleled purpose in being a pediatric therapist. Infused in my unique clinical approach was the motto, "to make living itself an art" - our lives are each meant to be masterpieces; it's up to us to master our moments.


My entrepreneurship journey began as a travel and lifestyle blogger. Writing has always been an integral part of my life and an intimate way to share my musings with others. This lifestyle publication quickly grew into an iconic digital destination of thoughtful conversations sparked by the best in beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Most importantly, it cultivated a community of women driven by passion, fueled by creativity, and recognized for timeless style. It's a digital space emulating the feeling you get after you have coffee with your best friend and share your most recent inspirations, latest obsessions, and noteworthy moments - it's living life of lovely.

As a designer at heart, I am always seeking inspiration to fuel my soul. My journey as a content creator, therapist, personal brand consultant, and entrepreneur has given me the platform to share my inspirations and diversified experiences to serve others. My intentional and curatorial approach to infusing loveliness into lifestyle propelled the establishment of my personal brand centered around modern sophistication and joy, and influenced by unapologetic notes of adventure. My personal brand organically developed into a business that now guides women in all areas of their lives - professionally and personally. My responsibility as a role model of entrepreneurship and creativity is something I look forward to championing every day.

As a globally recognized influencer and industry tastemaker, my platform gifted me the opportunity to work with other aspiring entrepreneurs as a brand strategist and digital marketing consultant. After five years as a solopreneur, my passion for designing and optimizing personal brands gained unparalleled recognition in quality and performance. This passion of personal branding led me to co-found the now premier personal branding and lifestyle agency, Aspen and Oliva. Combining business and brand therapy expertise, Aspen and Oliva was established with the mission to guide high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs to architect, refine, and master an iconic personal brand that effortlessly transcends into all areas of their lives - professional and personal. We call it personal branding sparked by your lifestyle.




I would love to send you lovely little notes every month with my latest inspirations, thoughtful musings, unique discoveries, and life updates.


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Natasha Lucia


Natasha Lucia has had the privilege of working with an array of brands and individuals from diverse industries, sharing her personal branding and lifestyle expertise through content creation, partnerships, and consulting.

Driven by an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, Natasha Lucia, a premier personal brand consultant, purposefully integrates her expertise as a former therapist and captivating storytelling marketer to create iconic personal brands and iconic lifestyles.



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