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Hi friend 〜 Natasha Lucia [MSW + MBA] here. I am a personal branding expert, entrepreneur, writer, therapist, podcaster, and aficionado of all things lovely - a true modern multi-hyphenate. My love of design, human psychology, arts, culture and obsession with beauty, has fueled the evolution of my human-centered and purpose-inspired approach to branding and lifestyle design. I am wholeheartedly committed to helping women discover their purpose, master their passions, inspiring them to architect a lifestyle grounded in loveliness and goodness, and guiding them to unleash their unique narrative into a high-quality / high-performing personal brand. My curatorial approach to designing a lifestyle of beauty and attention to detail has led to my positioning as an international tastemaker, authority of premier authentic branding, and an influential champion of the beauty and potential of the modern multi-hyphenate woman. // simply put, my mission is to celebrate the beauty of womanhood and living as an art.

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"to make living itself an art"


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Joan & Mathew - Summer Wedding


Joan & Mathew - Summer Wedding

the iconic personal branding podcat

Floral Scents, Champagne & Vintage Dresses


Joan & Mathew - Summer Wedding

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A fine-art, wedding & portrait film photographer from Portugal, with a special love for natural light, medium format film cameras & redheads with freckles. With over 5 years of experience, numerous workshops and features in top wedding publications, I capture beauty and moments in the most subtle, intimate & beautiful way.

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It would make my day to hear from you - whether you're looking to elevate your personal brand, seeking mentorship, wanting to learn more about our community, or craving some Sunday brunch girl chat.


Architecting a life of joy, modern sophistication, and loveliness, Natasha Lucia, founder & CEO of the premier personal branding agency, Aspen & Oliva, is a champion and tastemaker for the modern multi-hyphenate woman seeking to live a life of purpose, beauty, and goodness.


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