My Everyday Makeup Routine {Summer ’20}

I’ve been very into skincare lately, and it’s definitely shown in my blog posts. Today I wanted to take a bit of a turn and talk about makeup. Just like my skincare routines, I’ve been trying to keep things as simple as possible and gravitating towards the no make-up, make-up look. After a recent purge of my beauty products, I did a post of every beauty product that I own and love and thought I would share what my everyday makeup routine looks like.




I always start my makeup routine with skincare. I blog my skincare by season here. My quick morning skincare routine consists of my favorite cleanser, followed by essence, lash serum, and moisturizer.



Before applying any makeup, I prep my face with this primer. Primer does exactly what the name implies – it primes your skin to create the ideal canvas to hold your makeup in place all day. I’ve tried many primers, and this one is my favorite. It’s light and leaves your skin, looking like a real-life Instagram filter.


*Note – I love these headbands to keep my hair out of my face when I’m doing my makeup in the morning.




I’ve been loyal to its foundation for years. It’s medium to full-coverage – you decided based on how much you apply. Before I apply my foundation, I mix one drop of face oil for a dewy look. I also find that adding oil helps the matte foundation blend easier and look more natural. I use this foundation brush to apply and blend with a beautyblender. If I don’t need a full-coverage look, I’ll apply the foundation with the beautyblender for a light airbrushed look.


Undereye Corrector

I’m obsessed with this corrector. It blends nicely and doesn’t feel as heavy as most concealers. I apply it under my eyes to directly with my finger and blend with the beautyblender. I use the light-to-medium shade. It brightens your undereye area and doesn’t settle into fine lines.


Setting Powder

This is the only translucent setting powder that I use. Most translucent powders are white and wash you out. This one has just enough pigment to look like skin. I use this brush to dust the powder on my face lightly. Setting your makeup will make a difference when it comes to creating a truly flawless and seamless face.



I live for a good, flushed cheek. This blush looks so natural and gives you that perfect flushed and flirty appearance. I use shade ‘puff’ for my everyday look. To apply, I’ll add a small amount to my fingers, smile, and apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks. To blend, I use my fingers and gently tap upward to blend it out.



Like many of us, my neck is a lighter shade than my face. I very lightly dust this bronzer on my neck to even out coloring.



These highlighters are beautiful! Again, I’m all about that natural and effortless look. I gently apply a highlight just above my blush and on the brim of my nose. My favorite shades are ‘Champagne Pop and Opal.’




I have naturally thick brows, so I don’t only have a few areas that need a little love. This is the only brow product that I use. First I brush my brows with the spoolie, I brush up and then over. I lightly fill in any patches with light strokes to create the appearance of little hairs. I use the shade ‘Chocolate.’



For everyday makeup, I like to keep things as simple as possible. These shadows are my most recent obsession. I pick one color (typically ‘pebble’ or ‘pool’) and apply it to my lid. Because these shadows are so sheer, they work well to enhance any color you have in your eyes. I have the slightest hints of blue in my eye, so the color pool pops them without being overdramatic. That is all I do for shadow. I will sometime add a bit of highlighter to the inner corner of my eye to open my eyes up a bit.


Eye Liner

My eyeliner is probably the most complex of my makeup process. I first line my waterline with this liner in the shade ‘Pink of Me’ to help brighten and enhance my eye. This eyeliner formula is very creamy and velvety. If you prefer a more traditional liner and defined, this one is a beautiful white color. The white liner is a staple makeup artist trick. After lining my waterline, I use this black liner on my top lid.



This is my holy grail mascara. It gives you the defined and lengthy lashes that you’ve always dreamed of having. If you’re looking for a clean mascara, this the best one I’ve tried.




I more of a gloss girl than a lipstick girl. This is my favorite gloss in the color ‘Rose Pulpe.’ It’s a sheer light pink that has just enough pigment to brighten your lips. I also keep this balm in my purse to use throughout the day. It has a subtle shine for those days you don’t want to add color to your lips. Both are hydrating.



There are two lipsticks that I always have on had – one (in Lumi√©re) and two (in Blankety). They’re both nudes that have a subtle shine. I don’t use any liner.