Glossier Products Worth The Hype

Have you ever wondered what happened to Emily Weiss, the Teen Vogue intern from New York on the ‘The Hills’? Let me fill you in, Weiss grew up to be the founder of Glossier. Glossier recently earned unicorn start-up status, becoming a privately owned company that is valued at over $1 billion. In just ten years, Weiss has been able to grow her passion project into one of the fasted and most valued start-ups in the beauty industry. Emily’s mission is to create a beauty brand that values skin first and make-up second. In a world in which we’re constantly fed the need to improve our appearance, the mission of Glossier is to embrace who you are and enhance your features.


I’ll admit that I was a bit late to the Glossier fan club. After giving it a try a couple of years ago, there are now several products that have become staples in my make-up bag. Today I wanted to share the Glossier products that I feel are worth the hype. I also share a few that didn’t live up to my expectations.


Cloud Paint // I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Glossier’s top-selling product. I love cloud paint. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s my favorite product to use. Blush is the trickiest part of make-up application. Blush can either make your entire look or can make you look like an overdone doll – the line is very fine ladies. This cream blush is foolproof. It’s so easy to apply, build-on, and correct. The colors are stunning and leave you with the loveliest natural-looking flushed cheeks. The formula melts into your skin. I’ve found that the easiest way to apply it is with your fingers. My favorite shades are Puff and Haze.


Balm Dotcom // I’ve shared this lip balm many times on the blog. I have tubes of this everywhere – in my desk drawer, my nightstand, my car, my purse, and my vanity. It’s the only lip balm I use anymore. The formula is very hydrating and has just enough shine that you don’t need any gloss. It lasts for hours and minimizes the appearance of fine lines on my lips. During the winter months, I also apply this to my cuticles for some moisture. I like the Original and Birthday Cake (has a subtle shimmer).


Skywash // This is my most recent Glossier purchase. While restocking my Blam Dotcom, I decided to give Skywash a chance. These matte shadows are beautiful and easy to apply. True to the Glossier mantra, the no make-up, make-up, these shadows are incredibly sheer with just enough pigment to enhance your eye. To apply, I just dab a bit of the liquid onto my eye and then blend and press with my finger. The formula is buildable, one coat will give you that barely-there look, and two coats will pop the color of the shadow. My favorites shades are Pool and Pebble. I have subtle hints of blue in my eyes and the color ‘pool’ is just sheer enough to pop them.


Bubblewrap // I first purchased Bubblewrap as an eye cream last year and I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. I decided to reorder it and give it one last chance, but this time using it solely as a moisturizer for my lips rather than as an eye cream. I love it now! Does it plump my lips? Not really, but it does leave them feeling super hydrated and ohhh so soft. I blot this on in both the morning and in the evening.


Did I miss any of your favorite Glossier products that are worth the hype?


Glossier Products I Can Live Without

Lip Gloss // I wanted to love this gloss so much, but I just couldn’t. It felt very sticky and thick, reminding me of those cheap lip glosses our moms used to buy us in middle school. I ended up tossing the tube after a couple of attempts to make it work. I think it’s safe to say – MAC makes the best lip products.


Lidstar // I know this is a cult favorite for Glossier lovers, but I just can’t seem to find the appeal. The shimmer and pigment didn’t last more than a couple hours, and honestly, it just felt and looked cheap. It also irritated my lid a bit; after reading some reviews, it sounds like a few others had a similar experience. Beyonce is a fan of this formula, and I have several friends who also love it…so it’s obvious that it works for some. I just think there are better formulas if you want a shimmery shadow.


Haloscope  // This was another product I had high hopes for after reading about it on a couple of blogs and reviews. I love a good natural highlighter, but this one just felt very streaky and sticky. It left me feeling like I had just applied a glue stick on my cheeks. I prefer natural highlighters that have shimmer rather than glitter. This formula felt very glitter heavy. The best highlighters always seem to come in the form of pressed powder. I’ve tried probably every shade from Becca’s highlighter line, and they’ve all been so natural and give you a lovely glow.