Complexion Perfection

Let’s talk about complexion perfection today. We are always looking for ways to improve our skin’s complexion, texture, and color, right? Fortunately, the secret to achieving our perfect complexion lies in our daily habits and what products we put on our skin. I’ve always been pretty self-conscious about my skin, but the past several years, I’ve slowly been growing a lot more confident in how my skin looks. I’m pretty fair, so every little thing shows, whether it’s a blemish or irritation, the redness contrast pretty harshly against my fair skin. I’ve purchased countless products promising miracles, but honestly, the greatest changes have always come when I’ve improved daily habits like self-care and diet. Intentional and quality skincare amplifies the positive changes that good habits bring. Today I’m sharing some complexion secrets that will transform your skin into the dewy, glowing, filter-free perfection you’re searching for.



Believe it or not, a good sweat session can make a huge difference in perfecting your complexion. Getting your blood flowing and raising your heart rate will help get oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Exercise will promote collagen production and keep your skin glowing and youthful. Find an exercise or activity that you love doing. For me, I love skiing in the winter months, walking in the spring and fall, and swimming in the summer.


Create Healthy Sleep Habits

Your perfect complexion lies in healthy sleep habits. While your sleeping, your body is working to heal any damaged skin. This past year I’ve been disciplined about getting 8 hours of sleep. I use the alarm app on my iPhone to remind myself an hour before bed. Having a routine has also helped keep me disciplined in my daily schedule – I know exactly what I need to get done each day before I go to bed.


Stop Touching Your Face

I used to touch my face a lot…and probably still touch it more than I should. Each time we touch our faces, we spread and transfer all the germs we’ve collected on our hands throughout the day. Another habit to break is picking at your skin. I know it’s tempting to pick or pop any pimples but don’t. By picking and popping, you’re inflaming your skin, spreading bacteria to pores, and creating scars.



Nutrition plays the biggest role in determining your skin’s complexion. The secret to perfection complexion lies in your fridge and pantry. Some of my favorite foods for healthy skin are salmon, avocados,¬† brown rice, tomatoes, mangos, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and bell peppers.



The importance of water in your diet isn’t anything new. Drinking at least 64oz of water every day is essential for healthy skin. Water helps our bodies flush out toxins and stay hydrated. If you get bored with drinking plain water, try adding strawberries, lemon, or your favorite fruit to create some flavor. This water bottle is great for infused drinks.


Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a major sweet tooth. As delicious as cookies and brownies are, they’re not worth over-indulging. Sugar damages collagen and elastins really hindering your complexion. Try your best to consume sugar in moderation.



Good and intentional skincare products and routines are essential steps in achieving your perfect complexion. Ladies, the best advice I can give you is to invest in skincare rather than makeup – your skin is yours forever, makeup is yours for only a couple of months. Good skincare begins with identifying what your skin concerns are and what your skin needs. I know it’s tempting to try every new product on the market, especially in the era of Instagram, where we are constantly seeing shelfies full of products – but…less is more when it comes to skincare.


SK-II Essence // My love for this essence isn’t a secret to Life with Lovely readers. The main ingredient is Pitera, a natural bio ingredient that resembles your skin’s moisturizing factors. It also contains over 50 micro-nutrients specific to skincare. Instead of working for your skin, this product works with¬†your skin to achieve its perfect state. SK-II completely cleared my acne and drastically improved the texture of my skin to give me a softer appearance.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair // I swear by this serum! I’ve been using it every night for three years. It feels like your putting silk on your face. I wake-up in the morning with skin that’s hydrated, luminant, and plump. It’s a miracle in a bottle for your face’s complexion.


Origins Charcoal Mask // There is something so satisfying about cleaning and unclogging your pores. This mask gives you such a deep clean and leaves your skin feeling so fresh. Unlike many charcoal masks, this one is really light and has a smooth texture. I use this once or twice a week, depending on what my skin needs.


Summer Fridays Overtime Mask // This mask is wonderful and smells so good, it’s literally the fall season in an orange tube. It’s a gentle exfoliating mask that has pumpkin and apricot seed powder. I use it every Sunday to remove any dead skin cells and start my week with fresh skin. Exfoliating is essential to help get rid of any dead skin cells and help brighten your skin. Don’t go overboard with exfoliating. Twice a week is plenty. I actually only exfoliate once a week and find that to be enough for my skin.


Drunk Elephant Babyfacial // AHA and BHA do wonders for skin’s complexion in terms of improving texture and tone. AHA and BHA masks can often be harsh on the skin, so it’s important to choose a gentle product from a trusted brand. As someone with sensitive skin, this one mask from Drunk Elephant has proven itself to be gentle and effective. I use this about once a month for a deep exfoliation. You know your skin best! When it comes to masks and treatments, I don’t follow the product directions but rather, let my skin tell me what it needs.


Supergoop SPF // Always, always, always wear sunscreen. The sun can really damage your skin and accelerate aging. The tan isn’t worth it.


Summer Fridays Jet Lag // Moistured and hydrated skin makes a huge difference in the appearance of your complexion. Hydrate your skin every morning and evening.