A Relaxing Evening Skincare Routine For Spring {’20}

Hi friends, I hope you’re doing well <3 With spring starting, it’s the perfect time to prep our skin for warmer months and to refresh our skincare routine. I’m trying to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible, while still ensuring to cover all the bases. Today I’m sharing a relaxing evening skincare routine for spring.

Simplicity is key. I used to get so overwhelmed with different products and wasn’t sure how to fit them all into one routine. I’ve learned that you don’t need dozens of products to achieve your perfect skin. The simpler the better. You want to give your skin a chance to actually absorb the products your applying.

My recommendation is to pick what you want to focus on when it comes to skincare, whether it’s hydration, anti-aging, acne, dullness, spots, etc. I focus on hydration and anti-aging, so I stick to products specific to those concerns. Feel free to also check out my refreshing morning routine.


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1. Cleansing Balm // In the evenings, I start with a cleansing balm to remove all my make-up. I’m not a big fan of wipes, I feel like I use so many that it seems wasteful. This cleansing balm by Farmacy practically melts all my make-up away and provides a blank canvas to deep clean. I use Estee Lauder’s Doublewear foundation which is known for being difficult to get off. Farmacy’s balm works really well to melt it off. 


2. Cleanser // I’m not super loyal to a particular cleanser. Lately, I’ve been using this one by Summer Fridays. I’ve been really happy with it!


Foreo Luna // I use this brush with my cleanser. The secret to perfect and ageless skin begins with cleansing. The Foreo LUNA has been a game-changer in my skin routine. This is an easy-to-use silicone cleansing brush. Because it is silicone it’s 35x more hygienic than a nylon bristle brush. As you cleanse, Foreo is also removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and clearing your face of oils and makeup residue. It’s like a mini facial. The best part is, it’s small enough to pack when traveling and a single charge last for 300 uses.


3. Eyelid & eyelash cleanser // Last year during my annual eye check-up, my eye doctor recommended I start cleaning my eyelids and eyelashes. Honestly, I never gave a thought to cleaning my lids or lashes, I thought my regular cleansing took care of this. I took her recommendation and did my own research…never again will I skip cleaning my lids! Google with caution. The bacteria that sticks to our lashes during the days is so gross and can cause us to have clog pores that will eventually lead to red eyes or even inflection. This cleaner has made a huge difference! My eyes are definitely a brighter white and I’ve noticed less random lashes following off.


4. Toner // I’m a huge advocate of using toner in the evenings. Toner helps restore your skin’s pH level after cleansing. It also helps to remove impurities and diminish the appearance of pores after cleansing. I don’t use toner in the mornings because I use SKII.


5. Night Serum // It’s never too early to start protecting your skin from aging. Start early ladies! Your 20s are very transformative years for your skin. Now that I’m in my late 20s I’m starting to focus on preventing premature aging. I use this serum 6x a week. The only night I don’t use it is when I use retinol. This serum is a staple for skincare gurus. It leaves your skin super hydrated and radiant when you wake-up.


6. Moisturizer // This is my favorite moisturizer. I’ve been using it since it launched 2 years ago. It’s so cooling and hydrating. At night it works as an overnight mask that can easily be rinsed off in the morning. I always struggled with overnight masks because I would wake up feeling very oily. With this mask, my skin wakes-up feeling so soft and plump.


7. Eye Cream // I’m really particular when it comes to eye creams. I’m on my computer most of the day and I know that can’t be good for my eyes. Staring a screen puts a lot of stress on your eye area. My favorite eye cream is this one by Tatcha. It really does feel like silk. I’ve noticed a big difference in dark circles and less prominent crows feet.



The only difference in my Thursday evening skincare routine for spring is that I trade night serum for retinol. Retinol is your skin’s superhero! After toning I use:


5. Retinol Supreme Eye Cream// This serum contains Saloprine 8, which increases moisture levels 6000% after 28 days. The skin around your eye is very thin and delicate. It’s very important to care for it! This serum counteracts the look of wrinkles and stressed eyes. This serum works to lift and firm your eye area, reduce puffiness and under-eye bags, and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. Colleen’s retinol formulation is great if you’re starting to introduce your skin to retinol. It’s so gentle and I have never experienced any peeling or redness.


6. Retinol Night Oil // If you’re new to using retinol, this oil is a great place to start! Apply a small amount of oil to your face once a week to promote healthy skin renewal, replenish moisture, and calm irritation. While you sleep, this oil works to refine skin tone and texture, fight age spots, and improve dullness. If your face is exposed to the sun often, I highly recommend adding this to your nighttime routine.

a little something extra


Overnight Lip Mask // There is nothing more satisfying than hydrated and plump lips. I use this about 3 times a week. I’ve tried other lip masks, but this one has the best.


GloPro Microneedling// This little tool is amazing and something I look forward to using each week! What if I told you that you could have a micro-needling treatment done at home? Yes, please! Not sure what micro-needling is? In short, mirco-needling is a treatment that teaches and trains your skin to rebuild collagen and remain in the ‘healing’ mood. By creating the tiniest of tears in your skin (sounds scary but the tears are so tiny you can’t even see them and it’s painless) your skin immediately goes into a healing mood that helps fine lines and wrinkles disappear. You can even use this tool on your body and get rid of stretch marks. I use this 2x a week (do NOT use it the same day you use retinol!). Use it before applying your serums. After micro-needling, serums will be able to fully penetrate through the top layer of your skin. I have the face, eye, lip, and body attachment (full force with this one ladies lol)!