A Lovely Guide To All Things Fragrance

I’ve always been intrigued by the art of fragrances. Our most dominant sense is our sense of smell. Scents can elicit the deepest of emotions and transport us back to specific places and times. Fragrances are so much more than a spritz that smells good (or not so good…). With countless options available, shopping for your perfect scent can be overwhelming. I hope that ‘A Lovely Fragrance Guide’ can help you narrow down your choices based on the type of fragrance that best suits your desires.

Underneath the name of the perfume, you’ll typically see whether it’s an Eau de Parfum, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, or Eau de Fraiche. It wasn’t until recently that I started to pay closer attention to the difference between these categories. Honestly, I naively thought they were just lovely french phrases that brands attached to their products. These are actually categories that let us know the concentration of the perfume oil in alcohol and water. The concentration of oils makes a massive difference in the overall experience of the fragrance and how long it lasts. Knowing the type of fragrance you want will help you narrow down your options.

My personal favorite is this one by BYREDO, inspired by Paris in the 20s and is the essence of lighthearted sexiness. It smells so feminine and has just the right amount of musk. It’s probably my favorite fragrance ever. It is well worth the splurge. Another favorite of mine is this one by MAISON MARGIELA. It’s a more moderate price point if you aren’t looking to splurge. The Beach Walk scent is truly like a summer beach day in a bottle.



Parfum, better known as perfume, is the most concentrated and expensive of all the fragrance options. You’ll find these fragrances to be oiler than others due to the concentration of oils it contains. A single application goes a long way with parfum. Spritz lightly lovelies.

Concentration: 20% to 30% of pure perfume

Lasts for: Up to 24 hours 

Recommended for: Perfect for evening wear during cooler months. The richness and depth of these scents offer a lovely aura of warmth.



Eau de Parfum is second in line in terms of oil concentration. These are the most popular fragrances and are meant to last all day and night, perfect for those of us with full schedules. When fragrances are developed, they typically begin as eau de parfum and then are released into other forms. Princess Diana’s SIGNATURE FRAGRANCE was an eau de parfum. 

Concentration: 15% to 20%

Lasts for: 8-12 hours

Recommended for: Spritz lightly, and this is the perfect daytime choice because of its long-lasting powers. A little goes a long way. Also a perfect choice for date nights. 

My Personal Favorite: This BYREDO SCENT was inspired by Paris in the 20s and is the essence of lighthearted sexiness and what I’ve been wearing daily. Another staple fragrance of mine is THIS ONE by Chloé.



Eau de Toilette are wonderful everyday fragrances because of their simplicity and lightness. These fragrances are subtle enough for people to notice but not bold enough to make a statement. You’ll find these to also be much lighter on your skin and absorb with ease. A little trick that I recently learned is that you may be able to revive the oils by quickly rinsing your wrist underwater. When the oils come in contact with water they tend to revive the scent for a couple more hours.

Concentration: 5% to 15%

Lasts for: 3 to 6 hours 

Recommended for: A light daytime fragrance that’s just subtle enough, think of this as the *wink* of the fragrance family. I tend to gravitate towards these fragrances because they aren’t as bold or strong as eau de parfums. 

My Personal Favorite:  This TIMELESS SCENT of soft florals is the signature of a sophisticated and elegant woman. It’s always a good idea to keep this CHANEL at reach.  


Eau de Cologne is typically associated with men’s fragrances but don’t be fooled by a simple title. Colognes are actually wonderfully light and fresh fragrances. These fragrances are lovely to use if you need to freshen up. Instead of buying full bottles of eau de colognes, I typically buy rollers or mini bottles. The rollers are easy to keep in my bag and use when I need a little lift.

Concentration: 2% to 4%

Lasts for: 2 to 4 hours

Recommended for: A quick refresher. Eau de colognes rollers are perfect for keeping in your purse and rolling on before a meeting, coffee date, or even just for a pick-me-up. 



Eau de Fraiche a mostly water and a very minimal concentration of alcohol. I haven’t ever tried a eau de fraiche, but if I came across a scent that I loved, I would use it similar to the way I use eau de cologne. These fragrances would serve as great minis or rollers to keep in your bag. 

Concentration: 1% to 3%

Lasts for: Up to 1 hour

Recommended for: A great refresher that won’t leave a lasting scent. Perfect of those who want to make a minimal and refreshing statement. 

Do you have a signature fragrance you adore? Leave me a comment with your favorite scents. I hope “A Lovely Fragrance Guide” was helpful in your search 🙂