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10 Study Tips To Help You Survive Finals

I have recently started studying for my GMAT exam ( The Graduate Management Admission Test ) and some of you are getting really close to your finals, so I decided to give you guys a list of things that help me prepare for my exams.

1 . Organize Your Study Space

You need to organize both your space AND your time. Learning to use your space to your advantage gives you a head start as well as helps you stay on track.

2 . Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks while studying is important if you want to stay focused. Studying for long periods of time can help you relax and de-stress. Try stretching, going for a walk, or even a quick shower.

3 . Create Mental Associations

Using substitute words or creating vivid mental images tricks the brain into memorizing what you are studying.

4 . Rewrite Your Notes

When rewriting your notes, reorganize the way you write them. Try adding shapes and highlighting, or even experiment with making lists and categories.

5 . Put Yourself To The Test

After a chapter or two, test yourself to make sure your grasping every part of what you are studying. Milestones help accomplish the bigger goals.

6 . Study Groups

Pick a good study group. Grab a group of friends and study together. They may have study tips that could be beneficial to you and vice versa. Study groups are also great for testing each other.

7 . Key Words

Select a keyword or phrase that summarizes your work and that will help you recall the information . Compare these words or phrases to the original text.

8 . Prioritize Difficult Subjects

Tackling the difficult subjects first, will make it easier for the remainder of your studies.

9 . Keep Track Of Your Assignments And Exams

Don’t loose track of when your assignments are due while studying for those nerve wrecking exams. I used to download free apps such as “The Homework APP” and “My Homework APP” to help me keep track of their due dates.

10 . Set Goals

Goal setting and management of your goals is important.  It’s not only what keeps you motivated but also helps you stay on track of your results along the way.

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