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5 Ways To Start Organizing Your Life

Being a recent graduate has definitely shifted how organized I am with my day to day life. While I was still attending school it came natural to me to be on top of my responsibilities. Since I had to juggle being a full time student and working, I always made sure to keep up with deadlines by having a planner or really just using our school system to keep up with assignments. Now that I’m no longer trying to maneuver both work and school, I found myself slacking in some areas and not being my punctual self. So here are 5 ways I keep my life organized!

1 . Keep a Planner 📖

Whether you carry around an actual planner or just use an app , a planner is a great way to jot down deadlines, appointments, assignments, pretty much anything and everything that is important and needs to be remembered. If you’re the type of person who won’t remember to check your planner than an app would definitely be more beneficial. Set up reminders and alerts, it will be more reassuring!

2 . Write Everything Down 🖊️

Trying to remember things will not help you stay organized. Write EVERYTHING down. Whether its just an idea you came up with, or something you need to research later. You will only complicate your life trying to remember important dates for meetings or assignments. If you don’t know where to start just start off small like a shopping list, doctors appointments, birthdays, and eventually it will come naturally.

3 . Don’t Procrastinate⌛

Organized people don’t waste time! It may sound cliché but you should live by “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Give yourself a schedule and make deadlines to keep yourself from putting things off. Put the effort of checking things off your list as soon as possible, this will take a burden off your shoulders and cause less stress.

4 . Declutter Consistently ✌️

Don’t need it? THROW IT OUT! I know wayyyy to many people who like to hold on to unnecessary things. Just get rid of it. Try to declutter regularly . Maybe once a week or once every two weeks. Organized people find time to declutter. Sometimes you can get busy and things start getting hectic. So take out the time to reorganize yourself and your belongings. Get rid of things that you can longer make use of. Trust me its liberating.

5 . Learn To Say No. 🙅

NO. Such a simple word right? Sometimes its not as simple when we’re the ones who actually have to say it. I learned this the hard way, but I did learn it alright. You ARE allowed to say no. It’s completely okay to do so. If you start to feel overwhelmed or notice that your planner is getting filled up. Just explain your reasoning and say no. Consistently saying yes can take a toll on you and your work. Doing too much can cause you to miss deadlines, lack inspiration, and even do your job wrong.

20 thoughts on “5 Ways To Start Organizing Your Life

  1. I pretty much do no.1 in the form of a to-do list for things to do. Everyday I do one. It stops my mind from being overwhelmed putting thought to paper and lessens my chance of forgetting things.

    You’re bang on about procrastination. It is the enemy of progress. If there’s something you can do at that very moment then do it – you never know if you’ll get a chance to come back to it again. Great post – enjoyed seeing what ways you keep on top!

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


  2. My love of getting rid of things I know I will never use or that are simply wasted runs deep! I am always decluttering.

    Saying no is something I struggled with since I am a helpful person and like to offer as much help as I can. But in saying yes to everything, I was not helping myself and that is the most important thing of all.


    1. Very true, Jaya. I love to say yes and help people around me but it was starting to become very unhealthy for myself. I lost sight of my own self care. Not getting enough sleep or having me time. Once I started to sort out time for myself and say no when I knew I REALLY JUST COULDN’T, I started to feel better and my work showed major improvement as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have to write everything down these days and I also use reminders in my phone or I’m email myself at work to remind me to do something. I figure I better do it while I’m thinking about it or I’ll just forget! Thanks for the tips!


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